Velesco Tea Bags
  • Do you love high quality full leaf tea that comes without tea bag? Tired of constant mess and cleaning of metal strainers? Say hello to Velesco Tea Filer Bags. Our disposable filter bags will solve all of your trouble and let you to concentrate on enjoying your drink! Our bags even come with bonus clip (color may vary).
  • Those are made from top grade 100% natural sustainable biodegradable wood pulp filter paper processed by UV sterilization and infrared drying that are chlorine and other chemicals free. It will let you to retain full flavour of your drink while keeping things simple and clean.
  • Bags designed with unique Easy-Fill opening that is wide enough to comfortably fill the bag with leaves or ground of your choosing and natural drawstring to tie bag securely and easily to keep everything inside while keep taste flowing.
  • Multitude of uses that include tea, coffee, herbs, spice bag for cooking meals, hot pot soup bag, medicine, bamboo charcoal bag, camphor ball storage and desiccant storage and so on. People come up with new uses every day, try them and find what else you can do with this wonderful product!

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Velesco Pine Rosin
  • 100% PURE AMERICAN PINE ROSIN 454g (1lb) FOOD GRADE 100% natural material produced from pine resin.
  • BEEWAX FOOD WRAPS is a common product made with rosin. Simply mix equal parts of beewax and our rosin, add a bit of jojoba oil and your wax is read for applying to your material. Also used under powder form as a grip enhancer for sports and training.
  • Proudly made in America. Rosin comes from Georgia, USA where it manufactured at facilities that harvest resin exclusivly using sustainable (green) forest practices by tapping pine trees instead of slashing off their bark.
  • VARIABLE SIZE ranging from powder to approximately a quarter inch thick rocks, easy to crush. That will let you use rosin for number of uses depending on what you planning to use it for.

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Beewax Wraps with Velesco Pine Rosin

If you pack lunches or have a busy life where you have to prepare food in advance you know the importance of having easy way to store it properly.  We all like for it stays fresh and tasty.  For the … Read More

Eclairs using Velesco Eclair Mat

Recipe Pâte à Choux / Choux Pastry 1/2 cup (125g) milk 1/2 cup (125g) water 8.3 Tbsp (125g) butter, cubed 1 Tbsp (15g) trimoline or honey or 2 tsp (5g) sugar 2 tsp (5g) salt 1.15 cups (150g) all-purpose flour … Read More

Cheese pancakes on silicone baking mats

Light cottage cheese pancakes are my choice for today breakfast.  Pancakes for which you don’t need a pan!  Main trick here are silicone baking mats.  When cooking on them you don’t need to watch and roll over every piece. You … Read More

Porridge, Sir!

Porridge, Sir! What do you hear in this phrase? Traditions? Insipid traditions? Something old-hat and boring?  Something from the Old World?  But you know, that oatmeal breakfast can be far from commonplace porridge, but very tasty, healthy, varied and every … Read More

Velesco BBQ Grill Mesh
Velesco BBQ Grill Mesh – Set Of 2 Heavy Duty Non-Stick BBQ Grill & Baking Mats – 15.75 x 13 Inch – FDA-Approved, PFOA Free Reusable Grill Accessories – Use on Gas, Charcoal, Electric Barbecue
  • The all new Velesco BBQ Grill Mesh is designed with improved heat conductivity for those perfect grill lines. Enjoy full season of grilling without loosing your food to your grill. These grill accessories are amazing bbq gifts any barbecue lovers will truly enjoy.
  • FAR MORE SUPERIOR than other grill meshes. Made and designed by the same people who brought to you highly rated Velesco Baking mat! This mat is PFOA free and materials have been tested for FDA recommended tests.
  • Velesco Mesh Mat can be used 1,000 uses per side, that’s 50 times more uses than ordinary grilling mats, and why they are used by top amateur grillmasters and professional chefs worldwide. Designed to withstand up to 500f. Do not expose open flame. Low setting or indirect heat only.
  • Grill the juiciest steaks, smoke the tenderest chicken and sautee the thinnest cut vegetables with ease. Forget grill baskets and other accessories! These mats also keep your Weber, Traeger, Char Broil, Kamado, steak grilling pan, etc. looking shiny new.
  • BEST OF ALL you automatically get our “No Hassle” Lifetime Guarantee, which covers you from ANY factory defects. Scroll down to “Special Offers And Promotions” to save even more money on todays purchase. Then, click “Add to Cart” now!

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