Baking Mat – A Versatile Kitchen Tool for Various Uses

A baking mat is a very versatile kitchen tool that helps you completes several tasks in the kitchen with ease. You may have only known a silicone baking mat as used for cookies. Of course, that’s one significant role the baking mat performs, but it is also very versatile.

baking mat

In this article, I’ll present to you some other many things you can use baking mats for, I’m sure you’d be amazed.

Here are many other ways you can put baking mats in use;

Roasting vegetable with a baking mat

You can use a silicone baking mats to roast vegetables by placing the mat on a normal baking sheet. This is a more natural way to roast your vegetables than roasting in pans which could make a real mess. Roasting vegetables helps to bring out the natural sweetness, and you can do this with a baking mat conveniently.

Making Pizzas with a baking mat

If you’ve been making pizzas on a pan, you’d understand what it means cleaning up pizza pans. Not actually a daunting task though but making pizza on a baking mat is easy and stress-free. You’d get a perfect coating, and without thinking of any pan to wash or clean unlike using a pan.

Make decorative chocolate drizzles with a baking mat

You can also use a baking mats to make decorative chocolate drizzles. Here is how it works; place a silicone mat on a cookie sheet and make free-form shapes or you can be more creative to create forms that look like stars, trees or whatever you prefer.

Next, place the entire baking sheet in the fridge to harden, wait for the icing to cool off. Then remove the shapes from the mat by pulling them off the silicone. For a decorative look, add them to the top cakes and cupcakes.

Make homemade bread with a baking man

Surprised? You can make home bread without a pan. Your silicone baking mats will do just that for you. You can simply form your mat into any loaf you want. It’s ideal for making crusty bread. If you wish, you can decide to cut a few slices to make the top pleasing.

Rolling dough with a baking mat

Do you want to keep your counter clean? Then consider rolling your dough on baking mats. Your counter gets extremely messy when you roll your dough on it and to keep it clean it is best to use a baking mat. They are different sizes available, and you can go for the larger size which is perfect for rolling dough.

Dipping chocolate with a baking mat

Dipping chocolate with baking mats is just perfect, and it makes the whole process a breeze. Unlike dipping candy pieces of strawberries in chocolate and end up with a messy counter and wire rack. Instead, you should use a baking mat and save yourself the hassle. Chocolate won’t stick to the mat and can be easily cleaned up.

Baking mats makes life easy in the kitchen. You can perform various tasks with a baking mat and often you’d find out they are the best for it. A silicone baking mat is quite versatile – it contains fiberglass that doesn’t retain heat the way metal pans do. It is even more efficient in most cases.

Silicone baking mats do many things a parchment paper can do and even better. They can be reused over and over. So, getting one is ideal, and it’s worth the buy.