Beewax Wraps with Velesco Pine Rosin

If you pack lunches or have a busy life where you have to prepare food in advance you know the importance of having easy way to store it properly.  We all like for it stays fresh and tasty.  For the longest time most people simply would use a plastic wrap or foil to wrap the food, plastic containers, or glass jars.  Lately its becomming more and more popular to pack food in product called beewax wraps.  Its tacky and maleable material that stays in shape you put it in.  They are easy to clean and good for a planet because it can simply thrown into compost pile.  We just launched first product in our line up of products that will help you to add this amazing tool to your collection.

Here is how you make beewax wraps.

1 part of beewax shavings, preferably real organic beewax and not some knockoff mixed with paraffin that smells like chemicals.

1 part of pine rosin.  Its a 100% natural byproduct of turpentine production.  We just launched 1lb bags on Amazon that come from our partner pine plantation in Georgia, USA where they collect and process it exclusively following the green sustainable methods.  Add few drops of jojoba oil

Take ether Velesco silicone mat or parchment paper.  When put organic material like cotton or linen on it and put thin layer of mixture above on it.  Next you need to add another layer of same material and cover it with another silicone mat or parchment paper.  Now use hot iron on low setting to melt mixture sandwitched between layers of materials.  Easy, right?!  Once mixture is completely melted and soaked into the material, separate 2 layers of material and let them cool and dry.

Its all done.

How to take care of your beewax wraps?

In order to wash your new beewax wraps simply use cold soapy water.   Do not wash them with warm water as it will melt and wash off the wax.  If beewax wrap start loosing its texture or tackiness, simply reapply a bit of beewax/rosin/jojoba oil mixture to it and it will be as new.

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