Cheese pancakes on silicone baking mats

Light cottage cheese pancakes are my choice for today breakfast.  Pancakes for which you don’t need a pan!  Main trick here are silicone baking mats.  When cooking on them you don’t need to watch and roll over every piece. You just lay out little circles on the silicon baking mat, turn on the timer of your oven for 25 minutes and go on doing your morning routine.  Imagine what you can do with all that time you save in the busiest time of the day?

You need:

Cottage cheese - 500 gr
Flour - 120 gr
Sugar - 50 gr
Egg - 1 p.
Vanilla sugar - 1 tea spoon
Baking powder - 1 tea spoon (you can use baking soda)

  1. Mix eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar in a mixing bowl
  2. Add cottage cheese
  3. Add sieved flour with baking powder
  4. Mix everything properly with spatula
  5. Form little circles and lay them out on the silicone baking mats (the ones for macarons fits perfectly)
  6. Place the mat into the oven at a temperature of 338 ℉.  You can use pan or tray or you can just lay it on grate like we have in the picture.
  7. Turn on the timer for 25 minutes.

Oh, and of cause, don’t forget to set your coffee machine or a tea pot 😉

The cottage cheese pancakes will come out light and soft on silicon baking mats and so hustle free.  In only 25 minutes of mostly waiting you can enjoy your freshly cooked light yummy breakfast with cup of hot steaming drink of your choice.  You can service them with sour cream, jam, maple syrop or honey.  Whatever is your prefered side for regular pancakes will work here too.

Both kids and adults love those, guests will wolf them down, your friends will beg for more and your neighbours will come knocking following amazing smell comming from your kitchen.  Trust me, they are that good.

Have a nice meal!

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