Porridge, Sir!

Porridge, Sir!

What do you hear in this phrase? Traditions? Insipid traditions? Something old-hat and boring?  Something from the Old World?  But you know, that oatmeal breakfast can be far from commonplace porridge, but very tasty, healthy, varied and every time innovative and creatively different? Sure not without help of our silicone baking mat.

Why Oatmeal?

You can easily find all the proves of the oats` benefits in many internet resources. But the most important for us – High Spirits!  It has long been proven that already after the first days of consumption, oatmeal gives you optimism and stimulates your nervous system.

But, may be Porridge doesn’t give you an appetite? Tant mieux! You can’t cook Porridge on our super silicone baking mat!=) But we have a very tasty solution for your breakfast, which can be easily cooked on the bake mats – OAT BISCUITS! Healthy, Easy and Fast to bake. Today we’ll give you one option from a variety of recipes.

All you need to make oat biscuits using silicone baking mat

Oatmeal – 250g or 2.5 cup or 1/2lb

Nuts – 100g or 1 cup or 0.23 lb

Butter – 100g or 1/2 cup or 0.23 lb

Eggs – 2

Sugar – 120g or 1 cup or 0.27 lb

Sugar vanilla – 10g or 2.4 tsp

Salt – 1 smidgen

And the silicon baking mat!

Large or small – depends on the amount of biscuits you plan to cook.

The process:

  1. Put butter into a mixer bowl and let it melt a bit, till it becomes soft enough.

While it’s melting pour the oatmeal in the middle of the silicone baking mat and dry it inside the oven during about 15 minutes at a temperature 180 С (356 F). After drying, using flexibility of the silicone mat, pour the oats into a coffee-mill and chop them till the flour condition.

  1. Go back to the melted butter – pour in sugar, sugar vanilla and salt – mix it properly till the mass becomes white.
  2. Add eggs, and mix on high speed till the mass becomes rich.
  3. Add milled oats and nuts into the mass. Nuts can be milled or just chopped with a knife. Depends on how you like them in the biscuits – very tiny or medium. Any nuts on your taste.
  4. Mix everything during 1-2 minutes.
  5. At the end form the round biscuits with a spoon on the Silicone Baking Mat. As you remember you don’t need any oil or butter to brush the slip bake mat. Just form the biscuits on traced shapes for cookies (it’s very convenient) and put the bake mat on the dripping-pan into the oven.
  6. Bake the biscuits at the temperature 356 F during 20-30 minutes, till they become tanned.

Your biscuits are ready – slip them down into any bowl. It’s very easy with our silicone baking mat!

Let them cool off and enjoy your oat breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee=)

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