Dual Julienne Peeler

EXPERIENCE an adventure in cooking by opening new possible combinations of veggies prepared in exquisite way that helps to open their flavor and serves them in a way that’s both fun and attractive.
SURPRIZE your kids and family members with long and beautiful julienne zucchini noodles, carrot or daikon strips and homemade potato chips in minutes. You can even slice cheese and butter with it.
BEAUTIFUL high quality designs. One with stainless steel handle and another with non-slip soft rubber finish handle with stainless steel ends. Both made out of food grade stainless steel and will look great in any kitchen. Each peeler comes with specially designed brush to help with cleaning.
ENJOY rock solid built product of excellent quality. We had worked long and hard to bring only the best to you by working closely with manufacturer. As such we are so sure of our product, that we offer it together with LIFETIME warranty with full no questions refund guarantee.