Velesco Pine Rosin

  • 100% PURE AMERICAN PINE ROSIN 454g (1lb) FOOD GRADE 100% natural material produced from pine resin.
  • BEEWAX FOOD WRAPS is a common product made with rosin. Simply mix equal parts of beewax and our rosin, add a bit of jojoba oil and your wax is read for applying to your material. Also used under powder form as a grip enhancer for sports and training.
  • Proudly made in America. Rosin comes from Georgia, USA where it manufactured at facilities that harvest resin exclusivly using sustainable (green) forest practices by tapping pine trees instead of slashing off their bark.
  • VARIABLE SIZE ranging from powder to approximately a quarter inch thick rocks, easy to crush. That will let you use rosin for number of uses depending on what you planning to use it for.
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