Wood Grill Scraper

  • WOOD GRILL SCRAPER IS SAFE! Don’t let cheaply made wire brushe bristles spoil your weekend and send you to an emergency room. Made with 100% natural superb red oak and finished with top quality food grade mineral oil, you can use this tool with full confidence.
  • BBQ SCRAPER IS MOST EFFECTIVE – Specifically Designed for cleaning top and in between of grates. This amazing bbq grill accessory combines 3 tools into one, saving you both money and space! Works well on sensitive grill surfaces like ceramic, Kamodo-style, big green egg, etc. Nearly 1″ thick, will long outlast bristle brushes!
  • THIS GRILL ACCESSORY IS SUPER EASY TO USE – It will gradually form grooves as you scrape your grill clean. There is no wrong way to use it! Our beautiful red oak scraper will form grooves unique to your grill pattern, your pressure and angle of scraping. It will continue to improve over time as the grooves become deeper.
  • Feel good about yourself! BBQ Grill Scrapper is made from sustainably harvested red oak readily available around the world. As such, its completely recyclable and safe for our planet.
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Velesco BBQ GRILL SCRAPER is an amazing tool that lets you clean and oil your BBQ GRILL. Instead of using metal brush with bristles that potentially can end up in your food and cost you trip to an emergency room, this grill accessory does it all by using natural wood’s ability to form and shape under heat. As you clean/scrape it against hot grates, it forms groves perfectly fitted to YOUR specific BBQ GRILL.

Sustainable living is awesome!

Wood Grill Scraper is made from beautiful yet sustainable American red oak imported from USA wood finished with food grade mineral oil and buffed for your comfort.  Tool is light and designed in ergonomic shape to ensure good solid grip and easy of use yet of very solid construction.  We even added a handy leather tie so you can hang it in your tool shed.

Every material used in manufacturing grill scraper and bbq tool itself had passed various inspections and QA.

Amazing for all kinds applications, from just cleaning your charcoal or gas oven to oiling your grill just before you put that prized piece of steak on it.

It can stay outside with your grill, but for best result and longevity its probably best to keep it indoors after its used.  All basic use and care instructions are provided on hangtag.


Velesco BBQ Grill Scraper will revolutionize your outdoor life!

Be the envy of your block, feel good about yourself for not causing harm to environment and keep your family safe.  This is absolutely pefect tool for the job.  See image on the right for details on how to burn in the groves into the scraper.

Dont wait!  SCROLK UP and CLICK on BUY button to purchase it straight from and enjoy worry free grilling in a few days!



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