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Velesco baking mat reviews

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Instead of suffering from your old and unreliable baking mats, you can now switch to more reliable ones from Velesco. The mats are sturdily made to ensure that you give your family the best cookies ever. On the others hand, there is no oil smearing since they are non-sticking hence helping in achieving foods with low fats. The company has invested much on quality whereby the mats are designed to deliver extra strength through their 0.75mm thickness. From now no more parchment sheets, sticking as well as saving your cooking oil/fats.

Baking mats are not only for cooking, but they should also facilitate preparation of the dough. Therefore, Velesco knows this, and that is why they have created these mats large. They are designed to be multipurpose hence you can knead, roll and bake bread, bun, pastries and cookies with ease. Besides cooking, they are ideal for keeping refrigerator...


Review on website.

The Velesco Silicone Baking Mat comes with a set of two half-sheet mats, which are thick and large. Each mat measures around 11-5/8” x 16-1/2”, which fit US standard half-size baking trays. They’re ideal for rolling, kneading, and baking.

The silicone material is sure to be food safe and non-toxic because it’s approved by the FDA. The mats can endure high heat up to 480 degrees F. It promises to deliver consistent results with its 100% nonstick surface and offers a full refund if you’re not satisfied with its quality...

The Chocolate Cult

Review on The Chocolate Cult website.

... While the ecookbook I was testing out didn't work very well, this silicone mat made rolling out chocolate shortbread dough very easy. This dough made 32 thick, chocolate cookies so you may get an idea of how large this surface is by considering that! Things do not stick to this matt, not even this caramel popcorn with Reese's Pieces and caramel sticks to everything!...

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